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How To Maintain Your Tyres?

It's easy to forget about the four rubber patches that make up tires. However some simple checks can help improve vehicle handling and fuel economy. Experts in tire maintenance recommend checking your tire pressure at least once per month because the majority of damage and wear to your tires are resulted from improper inflation of tires.

Proper tire pressure is essential for many reasons, other than to reduce the possibility of a flat or blowout. Tire pressure must be maintained at the right level to ensure optimal handling regardless of whether you drive every day or making emergency maneuvers. Even the tire doesn't appear to be low on air can result in reduced performance of the vehicle and excessive tread wear.

Tires that aren't properly inflated will also increase the resistance to rolling (the friction that occurs when an object rolls) of the vehicle. For example tires that are low in pressure can cause an increase in rolling resistance and result in more fuel consumption, which can negatively impact fuel economy. According to the Department of Energy, keeping proper inflation of tires increases fuel efficiency by around 3.3 percent. Overinflated tires result in reduced levels of handling performance because less rubber is on the road.

Tire Deals - Just How to test the tire pressure

To check tire pressure, use an air pressure gauge. These items can be purchased at petrol stations, auto parts stores, or in department stores. There are many gas stations that have one that you could borrow in the event of a need. SunshineTyreShop is a top-rated distributor of top quality tyre deals.

Before you do anything, check the owner's manual of your vehicle or the sticker inside the driver's door jamb to find out the air pressure that is recommended is for your car. The pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). The manufacturer has determined the proper pressure for each vehicle and tire combination. It may also include the "hot" pressure for those with warm tires or cold, as well as a "cold" pressure for when you've only driven a few miles. There are also special suggestions for tire pressure based on passenger numbers or towing requirements. Important: The psi figure on the tire's sidewall indicates the highest pressure, not the correct inflation level.

To check the air pressure, unscrew the cap off the valve stem of your tire and place the round end of the gauge over the stem. Apply some pressure to ensure there is a tight seal. If not, the reading may be wrong (and you may also lose air pressure). To find out what the tire's pressure is, look at the lines and numbers on the bottom of the gauge. Repeat the procedure if you are unsure if the readings are correct. SunshineTyreShop will help you locate the most reliable tyre deals Melbourne.

Check your tire with a simple inspection

Check your tire pressure and be on the lookout for signs of tire wear. For instance cracks in the sidewall , or foreign objects embedded within the tire, such as screws or nails. Verify the tread's depth by using an easy "penny" test. Make a coin and place it in the shape of President Lincoln's hair downwards between the grooves in the tread on the very top of the tire. There is a legal tread remaining on your tires as long as his head is not covered by the tread. To determine if tread wear is uneven look at the tread's depth at several locations on the tire. If you can see the full head in certain areas, then it's time to get new tires.

Signs of tire problems

There is no substitute for a tire gauge to check the inflation of your car There are a few indications that your tires may have been inflated incorrectly. When you drive on a straight, level road, you should check to see if the car pulls towards one side or the opposite. The "pulling" could be due to improper alignment. But it could also signal an issue with your tires. The tires may be overinflated in the event that the tread's central section is not smooth.

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