My Wishlist

I want to driven around a zone I lives and has thought to take a camera of action only to film that it dress to the long of a road to share he in some means comunicacionales social. In fact it possesses the gopro camera but for earnest be, finds this dashcam to be the easiest plot to use and install for my purpose of vlogging; and I am really surprised that the plus abordable dashcam like this a work adds to film in the registers of action likes him directs them. A screen of mirror of the exposure the before has the resolution adds and I very cual his default brilliance and parameters of balance of the colour. Both front and the utmost back cameras to record in a morning and at night; I have tried a back camera like the webcam to take selfies in my car, which are the real entertainment ; a camera before it is built in a screen to touch of mirror of exposure and has the option of register of the voice. A mirror dashcam can be perfectly attached in the original mirror of my cart. It IS very easy to install and use of a dashcam comes with the screen to touch and the very handy manual.
26 November, 1983

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