If you buy any of these items, please come back to this list and click the "Reserve" link to mark which item(s) you purchased. This will help ensure that Big Sky Sanctuary Inc does not get duplicate gifts.

Big Sky Wishlist

  • Water brush for piggies in summer

    We just saw these in a Super Cheap Auto store and thought they'd be a great way to keep the pigs cool in summer, whilst also giving them a back scratch/scrub. They attach to a hose and water comes out at the brush end. We reckon the pigs will love it!

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  • Advocate for Dogs 10-25kg (Red) - ADVOCATE

    There are three resident dogs at Big Sky and it's expensive to keep on top of parasites. You can buy this online at Aussie Vet Products (the cheapest online pet supplies store) and put our address for delivery.

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  • Advantage for Cats Over 4kg (Purple) - ADVANTAGE

    There are six resident cats at Big Sky, which works out to A LOT of money on parasite control! You can purchase this stuff online from Aussie Vet Products (the cheapest online pet supplies store we've found) and put our address for delivery.

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    These rugs are good quality and cheap for the hores. It gets very cold up here in winter and these are essential to keep the horses warm. These can be purchased on the Ridelo website and you can put our address for delivery.

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  • New /or Used Timber or Railway Sleepers

    We are always building animal shelters/enclosures and sheds from second hand materials. Save it from going in landfill and email us at bigskysanctuaryinc@gmail.com if you have any used timber to donate :)

  • Cetrigen Spray Trigger Pack - 500mL - VIRBAC

    We use Cetrigen antiseptic spray whenever a resident cuts themselves to kill any germs that can cause an infection

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  • Filta-Bac - CEVA

    We go through heaps of these tubs, which is essential in summer as it is used as a sun protection like zinc cream for the pigs

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  • Evo Tubtrug Dripfeed

    Our homemade pig toys are easily demolished, but these ones have been tested by pigs at other sanctuaries and apparently withstand the force of a pig's strong jaw

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  • Used Pallets (Any size)

    Free from places like Bunnings, we often use pallets to build fences and shelters. If you are able to pick some up and bring them to the sanctuary, get in contact :) bigskysanctuaryinc@gmail.com

  • Used Corrugated Iron Sheets (Any Size)

    Always needed! Used for roofing animal shelters. Have you got these lying around the backyard? Seen them in a skip, or maybe at the local tipshop? Please email us at bigskysanctuaryinc@gmail.com :)

  • Energizer Max 6v Lantern Battery

    We use Foxlights to deter foxes from where the chickens, geese and ducks sleep at night. They need new batteries about every 6 months and more frequently in winter when the nights are longer. Call Bunnings Warragul to pay by phone and we'll pick them up!

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  • Oates 600mm Medium Stiffness Outdoor Broom

    The pigs love a scratch but their coarse hair makes it difficult for our human hands. A stiff brush like this one is their favourite way of getting a back scratch. Have you got one lying around at home that you dont use anymore?

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  • Trojan Long Fibreglass Handle Garden Spade

    We have discovered since starting a sanctuary that one can never have too many spades! Handy for everyday work (picking up poo) to our monthly working bees when our volunteers get their hands dirty. We will happily take any second hand tools like spades

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  • Fiskars Powerarc Snip

    Tin snips are an essential tool for cutting iron sheets which we use for roofing on shelters. This is a good quality pair which is neccessary when you are essentially cutting through metal with a pair of scissors ;)

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We are a small sanctuary for rescued, abused and unwanted (mostly) farmed animals. Located in the middle of dairy farming country, in the picturesque foot hills of the Strzelecki Ranges of Victoria's South-West Gippsland, we provide a home to 100+ individuals on 42 acres.

Big Sky is a not for profit, mostly self-funded sanctuary. We are thankful for all types of support. Whether that be financial or practical donations, volunteering or sharing our news with others.

If you purchase any of these items online you can use the following delivery address:

1655 Korumburra-Warragul Road, Strzelecki VIC 3950

If you happened to purchase an item on the wishlist please shoot us a PM on our FB page as we may be able to remove it from the list if it's a one-off item.

Thanks so much for your support! :)
bigskysanctuaryinc@gmail.com @bigskysanctuaryinc

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