My Wishlist

  • Balance Buckets ($20)

    Mrs. Flower would love to use these balance buckets to have fun with her kindergarteners.

  • Ink Pads ($11)

    Mrs. Flower would love to have a set of colorful ink pads for her kindergarten class!

  • Pipe Cleaners ($18)

    These pipe cleaners would be a blessing to Mrs. Flowers kindergarten classroom!

  • Phonics Dominoes ($25)

    Mrs. Flower would love to use these phonics dominoes in her classroom to teach her students blends and digraphs.

  • Sitting Spots ($30)

    Mrs. Flower would love to use these spots to play games and use in her kindergarten classroom!

  • Comprehension Game (Purchased)

    Mrs. Eastman would love to add this reading comprehension game to her classroom!

  • Outlast Reading Comprehension Game (Purchased)

    Mrs. Eastman would love to incorporate games into her reading class! This game will make reading more exciting for our Mavericks!

  • Art Supplies (Purchased)

    Our students and elective teachers would be so blessed by fresh art supplies to express their creativity! Any amount is a blessing!

  • Car Kit (Purchased)

    Mrs. Hardman would love to have four of these car derby kits to use in her physical science class!

  • Desk (Purchased)

    Mrs. Jennings could really use a desk (with drawers!) Her current desk at school is quite small and without drawers, it's hard to keep it clear! Any desk would be a blessing!

  • Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards (Any amount)

    Teachers Pay Teachers is a wonderful resource for all of our CCA teachers! Gift cards will allow our teachers to purchase games and supplements they may not be able to get otherwise!

  • Magnetic Coins (Purchased)

    Mrs. Jennings loves using these magnetic coins to help teach her students how to count money in her math class. She could really use a fresh set!

  • Portable Soccer Goals (Purchased)

    Our Athletic Department would be thankful to have a set of 8x4 portable soccer goals so that our Mavericks can play and train inside, outside or off campus!

  • Volleyball Coaches Board ($13)

    Our CCA Coaches would love a board like this to help our Mavericks visualize plays and guide them to victory!

  • Spalding TF500 Basketballs ($30)

    Our Athletic department would love to have a few of these high quality basketballs to train and use with our Mavericks!

  • Folding Bench with Shelter ($190)

    Our Mavericks would be so grateful to have a bench like this for our away games that don't have any seating. After playing hard, they would love a place to rest with their team!

  • Goalkeeper Jersey ($25)

    Help our goalies stand out! Our Athletic Department would be so grateful to have a goalkeeper jersey for our goalies to help them stand out on the field!

  • Soccer Balls ($15)

    Our Athletic Department would greatly benefit having new soccer balls to use with our students!

  • Phonics Bundle ($90)

    Mrs. Urbanek would love to have this bundle to use in her classroom to help her students learn phonics in fun and exciting ways!

  • Land of the Bible Map ($20)

    Mrs. Puls would love to bring her Bible class to life with this lands of the Bible map!

  • Bean Bag Chairs (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Jennings) Our teachers love to create a fun and comfortable environment for our students to read. Bean bag chairs are comfortable and a favorite of CCA students!

  • Picnic Tables (Purchased)

    (For all students) These would be a blessing for our students and staff to be able to enjoy our beautiful Florida weather!

  • Multiplication Bingo Game (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Eastman) This game reinforces multiplication facts for our Lower School students in a fun way!

  • Volleyballs ($25 each)

    (Athletic Department) Having a set of 7 or more volleyballs would be a huge blessing to our athletic department!

  • Gift Cards

    (All Teachers) Gifts cards for stores such as Walmart, Amazon or Teachers Pay Teachers are a huge blessing to our staff members!

  • Lightning Detector (Purchased)

    (Front Desk) To keep our students safe, we do not have recess outside when lightning is near. This meter would give us greater accuracy of the distance of lightning strikes.

  • Jumbo Timer (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Edwards) This timer would be a great asset for our Lower School students, helping them stay focused and on task!

  • Costume Set (price varies)

    (Mrs. White) Events like our Christmas Program and History Day would all benefit greatly by having a set of costumes for our CCA students!

  • Laptops $1000

    (All students) Laptops are another incredibly valuable piece of technology for our school. It would provide students access to software and technology they may not have access to otherwise!