My Wishlist

  • Ball Cart (Purchased)

    (Athletic Department)Our athletic department would be so blessed to have a way to store and transport our sports equipment!

  • Bean Bag Chairs ($80)

    (Mrs. Jennings) Our teachers love to create a fun and comfortable environment for our students to read. Bean bag chairs are comfortable and a favorite of CCA students!

  • Stool ($40)

    (Mrs. Repke) Our teachers will often move to different classrooms or even different areas of their same classroom and having a portable chair is extremely helpful!

  • Bookcase ($80)

    (Mrs. Caldwell) Bookcases are always useful in a classroom! They hold more than just books and keep our teachers rooms looking organized!

  • Wicker Chairs (price varies)

    (Mrs. Caldwell) Our teachers strive to create a warm and welcoming environment in their classroom. These chairs would complete the vision that our teachers have!

  • Archery Screen (Purchased)

    Sometimes the weather in Florida can be unpredictable! Having an archery screen would ensure that our CCA students never miss an archery elective, no matter the weather!

  • Office Chair (Purchased)

    (Front Desk) Our staff would deeply appreciate new chairs to make the day to day work at CCA easier!

  • Picnic Tables $150

    (For all students) These would be a blessing for our students and staff to be able to enjoy our beautiful Florida weather!

  • Chalkboard Tape (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Eastman) This tape is a fun, functional way for our teachers to stay organized in their rooms!

  • Free Range Fractions Game (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Eastman) This game is a fun way to make math more enjoyable and to help students struggling with certain concepts

  • After Words Game (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Eastman) This game is a fun way for students to strengthen their vocabulary and word knowledge!

  • The Brainiac Game (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Eastman) This game is a fun way for students to take a break but continue to exercise their minds!

  • Scrambled States Game (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Eastman) This fun game is a great way for our students to strengthen their geography skills!

  • Multiplication Bingo Game $10

    (Mrs. Eastman) This game reinforces multiplication facts for our Lower School students in a fun way!

  • Volleyball Training Aid (Purchased)

    (Athletic Department) Having several of these training straps would be a huge asset to our volleyball team. These training aids make spiking and setting much easier!

  • Weighted Volleyball (Purchased)

    (Athletic Department) A weighted volleyball helps train our Mavericks to become even better players!

  • Volleyballs ($25 each)

    (Athletic Department) Having a set of 7 or more volleyballs would be a huge blessing to our athletic department!

  • Pencil Grips $10

    (Mrs. Flower) Pencil grips like these help train little fingers to grasp their writing utensil in the correct way!

  • Pencil Pals $4

    (Mrs. Flower) These rubber grips put an end to pencils rolling off desks and minimize distraction in our Lower School classrooms!

  • Wikki Stix (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Flower) These bendable sticks are a wonderful way to bring the classroom to life! They strengthen fine motor skills and encourage creativity!

  • Gift Cards

    (All Teachers) Gifts cards for stores such as Walmart, Amazon or Teachers Pay Teachers are a huge blessing to our staff members!

  • Lightning Detector $200

    (Front Desk) To keep our students safe, we do not have recess outside when lightning is near. This meter would give us greater accuracy of the distance of lightning strikes.

  • Keurig Coffee Maker $100

    (All Teachers) Our teachers always appreciate a fresh cup of coffee and our trusty Keurig has recently stopped working! A new one would be a huge blessing!

  • Wireless Mouse (Purchased)

    (Front desk) Our teachers and staff members would be really blessed to have wireless mice to use as they work!

  • Balderdash (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Christenson) This game is a fun way for our Logic Class to review and practice!

  • Scattergories (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Christenson) This game would be a great addition to our Logic Class as a brain warm up or for review!

  • Brain Games (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Christenson) This game would be a great addition to our Logic Class to review concepts, have fun and warm up our student's minds!

  • Mindtrap Logic Game (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Christenson) This game would be a great addition to our Logic Class to review concepts and prepare for upcoming tests!

  • Different Ways to Say Posters (Purchased)

    (Mrs. Edwards) These posters will help our Lower School students in subjects like IEW to have an easy guide to help spice up their writing!

  • Jumbo Timer $12

    (Mrs. Edwards) This timer would be a great asset for our Lower School students, helping them stay focused and on task!

  • Costume Set (price varies)

    (Mrs. White) Events like our Christmas Program, Talent Show and History Day would all benefit greatly by having a set of costumes for our CCA students!

  • Basketballs $15

    (Athletic Department) Our Athletic Department would love to have a new set of basketballs for our students to use!

  • Laptops $1000

    (All students) Laptops are another incredibly valuable piece of technology for our school. It would provide students access to software and technology they may not have access to otherwise!