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"Talee ltd is an information technology company offering a wide variety of 'AI Powered™' IT services for companies, researchers,
developers and individuals worldwide .
Talee is best defined as youthful, ambitious, amiable and passionate...Talee has a strong technical team to provide quality IT services from UK. This team consists of professionals who have had
significant experience of designing, developing and managing projects,
both in UK and foreign destinations. We combine the best people,
processes and technology to achieve customer satisfaction consistently.
We have a resource of the finest IT professionals, who produce superior software to suit client’s requirement and help them to
meet their goals. Our culture boasts of passionate, innovative and
meticulous professionals, who share the same vision as ours to help
various businesses, institutions and corporate sectors. Our management
staff is characterized by a uniquely strong combination of knowledge and
11 May, 1980

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