If you buy any of these items, please come back to this list and click the "Reserve" link to mark which item(s) you purchased. This will help ensure that Chess Girls DC does not get duplicate gifts.

My Wishlist

  • Chess Exercises for Students. This is an important resource that we use to create activities.


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    Reserved by J. Luke Wood


  • Teaching Chess Step by Step Book 1. Instructors Manual. This is the book we create our lessons from.


  • 20 Digital clocks. Emphasis on Digital.

    Digital clocks are the most needed item on our list.

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    Reserved by Rocky Galloway


    We will provide 5 digital clocks

  • 20 Protective padded bags for chess clocks.

    As a result of a gracious donation of clocks we need bags to protect them.The large bags have this small bag inside. Either Or

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  • Chess book level 3. A minimum of 20.

    Intermediate student will recieve a free book with your donation

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  • Level 2 chess book. A minimum of 20.

    Level 2 begining student will recieve a free book with your donation.

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  • Level one chess book. A minimum of 25.

    Your donation will allow us to give beginners free book to study in class.

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  • T shirts for Students

    We need a minimum of 40.We are willing to put your marketing logo on the back. Your support will allow us to give each girl a free club shirt. We order our shirts from a DC Shirt & Print Co. 6925 Willow St. NW STE 299 Wash DC.Aprox. 11.33 each.

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    Reserved by Curtis Porter


  • 20 Chess Bags

    Bags are needed to organize the sets we use in class.

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Chess Girls DC
Chess Girls DC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides Chess education for girls. Completely guided by volunteers, we have grown to over 40 girls this semester. We will host our first community chess tournament Saturday, December 19, 2015. We will start our next semester February 6,2016. We desperately need the items to host our tournament and start our semester. In addition we are transporting the team to the United States Chess Federation National Tournament. It would be great if each girl had her personal Chess notation book. In addition to equipment you can help by checking out our fundraising page.
http://www.gofundme.com/chessgirlsdc-com or donating directly through our website via pay-pal.
The leadership team of Chess Girls DC thanks you in advance for your support. Please contact Robin Ramson at chessgirlsdc@gmail.com with additional questions. You may follow our events at Chess Girls DC on facebook or instagram.
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