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Based in Northern CA, I'm building the animation studio and sexy circus of my dreams. I own an HD video camera and have been self - publishing unique videos for a few years now.

Find links to my photography showcase & other fun stuff on my site:

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My main focus and interests include: expanding my knowledge and skills behind the camera, video editing art, learning 3D, animation, and web building skills, making music, and collaborating with others who are interested in bringing shared dream visions to life.

Hundreds of examples of my comedic sexy time and video editing can be found on my..

<a href="" style="color: #8263ff; font-size: 18px; font-family: Arial;" target="_blank">YouTube Channel</a>

<a href="" style="color: #8263ff; font-size: 18px; font-family: Arial;" target="_blank">My personal Daily Blog</a> has more examples of my work, with regular photo sets, animated gif art & daily posts about current projects / tours, and other fun stuff.

I enjoy traveling & love to perform with other multi - talented muses throughout the Pacific Coast and beyond, while documenting glimpses along the journey.

Thanks for stopping by!
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<br> jenninexus 1 December, 1981

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