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There's a new kind of dating app that's sweeping the nation: instant sex matchmaking. The pandemic is one in which singles use special Internet software applications to locate other single people who have sex appeal. They then arrange to meet the singles in person, sometimes in just a few short hours from their homes. This form of online dating is referred to as "sex matchmaking."

The term "party-goers" refers to those Internet daters who frequent online dating apps in the hopes of finding long-term relationships or marriages. These people don't necessarily intend to enter into a long-term relationship with someone they've just met. Rather, they view it as a free weekend activity, much like a "bar mitzvah." Some people enjoy free parties, and they certainly seem to enjoy online dating apps.

What is "free weekend?" For most people, a free weekend includes alcohol, snacks, games, dancing and clubs. But the same can be said of meeting someone for a night in a bar or club. People generally say yes when they meet someone in a bar. Why would online daters expect to get along better with people they've only met in a club? Why would a single person expect to get along better with someone they've only met in a dating site chat room?
5 June, 1979

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