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CCleaner is given two thumbs up for identifying 15 problems within the registry. All you have to do is click on the blue registry icon on the left panel and presto, and it displays a common list of problems that plagues that the good old registry. Depending on your preference, you can either click all the tabs, where it will find for all the problems, or if you to micromanage the process, you can choose which areas you want to focus on.

Ccleaner does this admirably. By simply clicking a single button and waiting less than a minute (may vary), you will receive a list of hang-ups in the clear, easy to read display panel. Click on the 'fix selected issue' button and the programme will rectify the issues, prompting you when it encounters conflicts that it is unfamiliar with - meaning you are in control of everything, from start to finish.

This makes the end user feel good about themselves, even though we could never fully fathom the intricate algorithms used by the programme to delve deep into our computers brain and pick out the lice. Best of all, Ccleaner prompts the user to backup their registry files, and anyone who has been stuck with Windows not loading due to registry errors will know how important this can be.

Its cleaner tab also gives the user the option to clean up their internet caches, temporary files, index.dat leftovers, clipboard attachments, memory dumps and even investigates any file fragments left in the system that could be possibly slowing down the system.

It also has a handy 'Tools' function, that facilitates easier programme uninstallation (for those finding problems with the default control panel) and the option to customise start up programmes. This gives us the opportunity to get rid of the annoying start up that clogs up the loading process and ultimately irritates us to no end.

With such a plethora of features and a customisable interface, Ccleaner for Windows is the must get free registry cleaner to not only clean your registry - but clean your computer, ensuring a fast, responsive system always.

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