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    Liberty shoes presenting the large collection of sport shoes for men, Every man has different taste for sports activity Our robust shoes always break the floor with their flexible and soft soul and paddings, Climb a mountain or run on unpaved way, Liberty

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We, at Liberty Shoes have been fashioning footwear, for well over 50 years now, for the style-conscious people around the globe.
We started our journey as a small shoe manufacturing unit in Karnal, manufacturing a humble 4 pairs a day. Today, manufacturing 50,000 pairs a day and being one of the leading manufacturers in the leather footwear industry in India, we have indeed come a long way. Be a part of the company that has ten brands that have been making for a much e­ffortless journey for its customers.

We have 400 exclusive showrooms across the length and breadth of India
We have a presence in more than 25 countries around the globe
We are a 4,000 strong team
We are No. 2 in the footwear industry
We have set our eyes on opening 1,000 exclusive showrooms in India and abroad, and be closer to our 1000 Cr. vision

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