Holidays 07-08

  • LG Flatron Wide L196WTQ-BF

    Big big sale at Futureshop. Hint hint nudge nudge :P

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  • Cold Heat Soldering Tool

    Yeah, it's the hotness. Litterally.

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  • Swiftech MCR 220 Radiator

    Yes, I do want a radiator for Christmas. Mayber even two, for my newest case mod project.

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  • Another dog

    Hear that mom and dad? Charlie needs a friend.

  • We The People "Addict" BMX

    Ask for it at any local bike shop. Collective gift? No problem, go ahead, I just HAVE to have this bike anyways. My ride for this summer :)

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  • Nikon D40x (Body Only)

    The X is important! Just D40 means an older camera, like way older, and not quite useful. Check for prices around teh internetz or in specialized shops. If you want to buy it as a kit, go ahead, but I really need only the body.

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  • Unreal Tournament 3

    Or any other of the more recent UT games. I haven't played this at all, and it's very big in LAN parties.

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  • Spare Computers!

    Anything is good. P3s, P4s, an newer Core 2 IBM workstation, a cheapass AMD barebone, anything. I'm looking for something to make a server out of, most likely DNS, FTP, HTTP, BT, and F@H.

  • Computer Speakers

    Not necessarily the biggest 5.1 set, but a decent 2.1 would be superb.

  • Call of Duty 2 or 4 PC Game

    Another missing piece in my games collection.

  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320 gig

    WATCH OUT! It MUST meet the following criteria: "SATA", "320 gigs", "16 MB buffer". Anything else won't work in a RAID array!

  • Need For Speed ProStreet PC Game

    It's just out, you might have some trouble finding this.

  • Logitech G15 Keyboard

    Yeah, it's one expensive keyboard, but hey, its' what goes better with my G5, and those puppies are built to live through a lifetime of use, abuse, and even GAMING!

  • eVGA 8800 GT Superclocked

    Already have one, but another one identical to this one, and it's SLi time!

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  • Computer Power User Mag Subscription

  • Work Chair

    I need one badly. Scoliosis is near.