never too much

  • Chihuahua dog

    I love this little dogs! ç_ç Expecially the long-coated ones!

  • Blythe

    My dream is Taylor Gibson... But i also like: My best friend (the one with th dog), V-Smash, Merry Skier and the beatiful Velvet Minuet... Anyway... I WANT ONE!! ù_u

  • Tamagotchi v4.5

    American version... love the light-blue with hibiscus one! *__*

  • Sony Ericsson Z610i Pink

    It's pink, it's nice, and it's UMTS! è_é

  • Sony Lettore MP3-Video

    Little, nice, compact, but most of all... piiink! *__*

  • Microsoft Zune (Pink)

    Anche questo direi che non è male *___*

  • Heroes Season 1 Box set

    Save the Cheerleader, Save the World! *__*