My Wishlist

  • Endota Spa

    Treat me to a day at the spa! Reward my sore feet!

  • Booktopia voucher

    I have a reading problem!

  • Tisja Damen voucher

    Beautiful, unique lingerie. Browse and see if you'd like to see me in something special!

  • Studio Pia voucher

    Studio Pia is an independent lingerie company who makes ethical lingerie. They pay their workers a fair wage and source their materials as well as they can. They create beautiful artisanal lingerie pieces!

  • Baby Likes to Pony voucher

    BLTP imports designer lingerie to Australia so we don't have to pay the import taxes. They're a local business in Paddington, Sydney, and have lovely staff!

  • Remarkable 2

    Excellent for journalling and organising notes, which I do a lot!

  • Bunnings voucher

    I really need tools!!

  • Z Jaw tongs

    25mm and 45mm -- these are for removing knives from a forge. The link is just a sample so you know what to look for!

  • Blacksmith's anvil

    Either and 80kg or 100kg anvil, to use while forging knives