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My Wishlist

Hii sweeties,

Welcome to my fluffy wishlist. Here you can spoil me with helpfull gifts, things I would really like, support my cosplays, lingerie or my very very big merch addiction. So thank you for checking out my wishlist. I will update it frequently, with new things.

If you buy a costume for me from my wishlist, I will shoot it and you will get all the photo's & selfies for free! So also the ones I use for my website or OF!

If you buy lingerie of my wishlist, you will get a free OF link to acces it for a full month! Ofcourse it will include pictures of the lingerie that was bought!

If you buy any nerdy merch, figurines etc. I will unbox it in my insta story, tiktok or youtube! ^.^

I am a passionate cosplayer, gamer & geek :3 Loving sports such as kickboxing & martial arts tricking! Loves body positivity & empowerment :3

Thank you for all the love and support! I love you!
My birthday is on March 22 ^.^
22 March, 1993

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