Gilliene's Desired Whims

  • Intuos3 A4 Oversize USB Tablet

    I want one because I need it for drawing anime..Its not a want, its a need for a budding artist like me :)

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Soft Slippers

    I was looking for a great comfortable slipper for home use and I found this one..Not only is it comfortable, it also suites my kind of taste..I need these stuff to practtically protect my feet..

  • Anti Theft Tracking Device

    I just hate it when something gets lost thats why I need one..It takes too much time to find something that youve lost so this one is one big need!

  • Nintendo DS Lite White

    Same reason with PSP..I'd really like to play Animal Crossing thats why I want one..And there are soo many games I want to play with it..Thats why I want one..

  • Nintendo Wii US Version

    Its so cool..I mean you can play by moving your body..I'd love to have one..But it is too pricey..If you have the heart...Please do give me one..

  • Wacky Bandages

    Of course! A real prankster should have this.. And it's pretty cool coz you get to enjoy having a wound/scar/bruise hehehe!