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About Julia Steel

Welcome to the Mail Monday Club! Providing wardrobe and other items helps me make more interesting YouTube videos and fun model photos. And makes YOU an official Julia Steel collaborator! Go Team!

What you get:
-YouTube video shoutout and thank you as I unbox your sweet gift!
-Selfies of me in the item sent to your Facebook or email (or even signed selfie prints!), just for you!
- November and December: My exclusive 2018 signed Christmas Card! (just let me know your shipping address, you can message me on Facebook or email me at julia@juliasteelofficial.com)
- Items with "(*Calendar*)" next to them means they are most wanted pieces, so if you get me one of them you will also get my 2019 calendar along with the Christmas card, shoutout and selfies :) I will sign the calendar on your birthday month.

*Make sure to "reserve" items you purchased off this wishlist so others know not to pick the same thing! :)

My shipping address:
Julia Steel
PO Box No. 1029
Sylvania, OH 43560