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Whistleblower and Qui Tam Lawyers Battling Medicare Fraud
Medicare fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year. While most medical providers and drug companies are ethical and work within the system to make sure it works for everyone, there are those who don’t. When fraud happens, everyone loses. Medicare whistleblower lawyers help everyday citizens to file lawsuits on behalf of the government to report this kind of fraud.
The federal government places a great deal of trust in medical and pharmaceutical providers. When that trust is ill-placed, it relies on individuals to come forward to report abuse. People like you.
Experienced Medicare Whistleblower Lawyers
At Khurana Law Firm, P.C., as experienced Medicare whistleblower lawyers, we support your heroic decision to come forward to report abuse and fraud in the industry. We know that coming forward is not easy and many things may be at stake. When you come to us, your case is held in the strictest confidence at all times. With our extensive experience representing whistleblowers nationwide, we thoroughly investigate your claim, diligently prepare your case for court, and work tirelessly with you and the federal government to help bring fraudulent Medicare activity to justice.

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