Items I'll Trade For / My Wishlist

  • Forever 21 Gift Card or E-Gift Certificate

    In any (even odd store credit/return) amount, though $25-$50 range and up is great!

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  • Sephora Gift Card or eGift Certificate

    At absolutely any value! =) Prefer the black gift card that can be used Online or in store opposed to the white in-store credit only version.

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  • Nfu-Oh :: nail polishes - offer any colors

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  • Pretty much any "3-free" (and safer) nail polishes

    I like cool-toned colors, pink, shimmers, glitters, metalics, creams (the formula, not just the color), darks, pastels... just offer. =)

  • Over-the-knee length socks & similar legwear

    New items only, please! I have a definite thing for long socks, colorful tights, lacy thigh-highs, all that! Always adding more to my collection. I also adore toe socks.

  • Too Faced :: Limited Edition Flatbuki (Green, from 2009)

    The link is to a picture of the specific brush. =)

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  • Vintage Petticoats

    I'm a total sucker for them, yes.