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My Wishlist

  • white top | Nordstrom


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  • Crystal Peacock Handbag is just my style!

    Wow! This one really caught my eye. Such a beautiful handbag. And, if you know me, you know my penchant for peacocks. :D

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  • Tory Burch Gemini Link Tote Bag

    Cute and totally functional. This would be perfect for the beach! Makes me want to hop into a convertible and head to Red Rock.

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  • Gucci Elaisa Bow Pump (Women) | Nordstrom

    All wrapped up with a bow! These inspire me to find the perfect outfit to complement them. I'm thinking something flowing and soft with the promise of soft breath on smooth skin.

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  • La Perla Peony Lace-Embroidered Robe, Navy

    Of course, I need the matching robe. Love the cut and the flow of this robe.

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  • La Perla Peony Embroidered Nightgown, Navy

    Simply Stunning don't you agree?

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  • Wacoal Chrystalle Lace Long-Line Bra

    A lovely little bit of lace to slide over my curves.

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    Reserved by Q Thomas


    I would love to get this for you in return for some time in your hands.

  • Christian Louboutin Arletta Multicolor Crystal Red Sole Pump

    Oh my!

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  • Google Store - Pixel Book

    Perfect for me to take on my trip to India!

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  • Google Store - Google Pixel Buds

    Can you say Babblefish?!? These look totally awesome and they translate in real time. Who knew?

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  • Google Store - Google Home Max

    Whoa! This sounds so great for an audiofile like me. :D

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  • Financial Assistance for my Tantric Studies in India - February 2018

    I am a devoted student of Tantra. I am traveling to India in February of 2018 to study with Dr. Rajmani Tigunait. I'll be there for a little over a week.I am truly excited to be able to dive deeply into the Yoga Sutra - its secrets and its practices.

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  • Turtle Island - my dream getaway

    I am planning a trip to Turtle Island in 2019. Ask me about it.

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  • Joann Fabric and Craft Store Gift Card

    I love to create arts and crafts. In fact, I have launched an online boutique and etsy store recently. I am always creating!

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  • Airfare

    I'm traveling all the time so travel vouchers or miles are greatly appreciated.

I think of myself as refined, authentic, good-natured, and approachable. Those who know me say I am elegant and intelligent with just the right amount of flirtatiousness and a wicked sense of humor.
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