Making a difference for children with disabilties in Uganda

  • childrens clothes

    0-18 years both for girls and boys, tshirts, skirts, shorts, dresses, shoes, pants, socks,

  • Toys

  • Sensory/stimulating toys

    we need toys which can help stimulate children with multisensory disabilties, toys such as shakers, toys with lights, toys which are visualy stimulating without use of batterie and power

  • Art and Craft items.

    crayons, pens, pencils, glue , glitter glue, paints, glitter paper, coloured paper, things to make masks, castles, puppets, jewlery, candle making kits, glass painting kits, any other ideas you have will be amazing for our children.

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  • First aid kits/supplies

    all the basic things needed in a first aid kit, baddages, plasters, anitseptic wipes, antiseptic solution, antibiotic ointment, elastic bandages etc

  • Balls

    footballs, tennis balls, small balls which can help with hand eye coordination, large yoga balls or physiotherapy balls.

  • Mosquito nets,

    we ask for pretreated nets which can by one hoop from the ceiling or wall.

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  • Books

    we are looking for reading books for our children and study books for our theraptists.

  • Vehicle- car or preferably people carrier

    we are in need of a vehicle which can enable us to reach far reached children and to transport our staff and volunteers to clinics etc.

  • Nutritional products

    we have many children who are suffering with malnutrition due to swallowing and eating difficulties. We need body building nutritional products which will help these children develop more. Such as ensure plus powder which can build up any type of soup.

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  • small bean bags(good for throwing)

  • SLR Canon Camera

    cost is minium 350$, we will need memory card, bag, spare battery and memory card reader.

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  • Balloons

  • Face paints

  • Activity packs for the children

    please look at the above website for ideas. Colouring books, cut and paste books.

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  • Video Camera

    preferably sony, canon, panasonic cost minium 350$, It will need a good protective bag

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  • Physiotherapy equipment

    massage balls, speed reaction balls, foam roller, rumber roller, wobble board, hand exercises, etc.

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  • Orthopaedic boots and shoes

    shoes which can work well with KAFos at ankle braces, shoe raised shoes.

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  • laptop

    minium cost 500$(£400) we will need virus protector and lap top bag. we would prefer a well known branded computer as it is easier to get spare parts and mended in Uganda if need be.

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  • Musical instruments

    we are looking for musical instruments for our children

  • Shoes,

    good quality supportive shoes

  • Medical supplies

    epilespy medication, anti malaria, deworming medication, basic medication, stephoscope, bp machine, weighing scales - adult and children scales.

  • Monthly rent for office

    130,000 ugsh a month, 60$ a month and £40 a month

  • Sponsors for our children to go to school

    £200 a year and 320$ a year

  • Sponsoring the Nutritional project

    £25 a month and 40$ a month this will help a child to have nutritional supplements.

SoHUG is an interdenominational Christian community based rehabilitation project working with children with disabilities and their families in the local rural areas of Uganda.
• To see a society that can fully accommodate and accept children with disabilities.
• To enable communities and families help their disabled children.

Uplifting the general standard or conditions of living of children with disabilities (CWD’s) and youth with disabilities (YWD’s).

• To enable parents to support their children, and accept them fully.
• To see attitudes change in the community from negativity to positivity.
• To see the children reach their full potential, in areas of Health, Education, general life standards.

Spring of Hope is a community-based rehabilitation non- profit organisation for children with disabilities in local communities of Uganda. We currently work with 500 children and their families in the areas of education, physiotherapy, medical, sensitisation and income generating projects. Our aim is to see that these children are able to reach their true potential.

Before the work of Spring of Hope began disabled children were being abused, locked away and tied up due to the stigma of having a child who is disabled.

Spring of Hope is based in Kayunga district, Kangulumira Sub-county one hour drive from Jinja Town (The source of the Nile). The programme started in August 2004 working alongside another organisation; it gradually grew and developed with the services extending to the neighbouring districts wherever possible. In 2011, Spring of Hope Uganda SoHUG was registered as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in its own right.


Rural outreach clinics
Home visits
Drop in physiotherapy days
Provision of locally made special equipment
Attaining specialist equipment.
Supporting in corrective surgery
Nutrition program
Activities of Daily living skills
School sponsorship for the deaf and CWDs
Supporting local schools to include CWDs
Free epilepsy medication

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