If you buy any of these items, please come back to this list and click the "Reserve" link to mark which item(s) you purchased. This will help ensure that All Saints Catholic School does not get duplicate gifts.

All Saints Catholic School Wish List

  • Mrs. Frederiksen

  • Miss Miranowski

    Books for classroom library (1st, 2nd, 3rd grade level), board games, Grade 2 math, reading, & phonics flashcards/BrainQuest

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    Reserved by Trang DeVega


  • Ms. Moore

    AA batteries, empty shoe boxes for dioramas

  • Mr. Peak

  • Mrs. Hansen

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    Reserved by George Atsou-Dzini


  • Mrs. Gengler

    10 bags topsoil, 4 bales straw (not hay), and 2 flats pansies and 100 spring blooming bulbs (tulips or daffodils) for a garden project outside the office.

  • Mrs. Somes

    card stock: white *clorox wipes (2)*

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    Reserved by Dylan Evans


  • Mrs. Duke

    Found at KMart cost: $8.27 could purchase 1 or 2 at a time. Need at least 30

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  • Mrs. Parker

    Used or new children's books (preferably chapter books for grades 2-4)

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    Reserved by Sara Mosqueda


    Hand sanitizer

  • Miss Erker

    * Electric Pencil Sharpener *Colored Card Stock* Sandwich and Gallon Sized Ziplock bags*

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    Reserved by Jenny Logan


    I will send 4 packages of Clorox wipes with Riley on Monday.

  • Plastic Cutlery for teacher's lounge, especially spoons

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    Reserved by ludlam


  • Mrs. Plummer

    ceiling tile hooks, AA batteries, white card stock

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    Reserved by Jody Brown


  • Miss Weixelman

    Math snap cubes, Costumes, 5-10 Jigsaw puzzles,SOY Dough(Miss W allergic to regular play-doh),3 rolls LARGE Packing Tape on a Red Re-usable roller, Large Book Easel $65 on Amazaon (Ask teacher for more details), Bag of white rocks for students to paint

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    Reserved by liem bui


  • Mrs. Kirkland

    blank cds, colored card stock

  • Office/Health Room

    1. Double A Batteries, Triple A Batteries 2. Clorox Wipes

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    Reserved by Neal & Nolan Atsou


  • Care and Share Opportunities

  • Mrs. Ruth

    Round Glue Sticks Standard MultiTemp 24 Still need: Cartridges for HP Officejet 6700: Black ink cartridge HP 932 or 932xl and Color ink cartridg HP933 or HP933xl

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    Reserved by Aurora Rocha


    I left it at the office