My first wish-list (getting longer day by day)

  • A smiling world

    I want to have one day in which no one around me says something that hurts anyone

  • Love

    I want to get marry the person that loves me and to whom I love

  • Backup

    I want that for my rest of the life my group "Backup" stays with me

  • Absolute Zero

    I want to be in an Absolute Zero situation

  • Travelling

    I want to visit: Disneyland, All the planets, all the moons that Jupiter has, Burmuda Triangle, Cuba iceland, Dead Sea and much more

  • Laptop

    I want to have both Apple Mac Book and Sony Viao with me

  • Lunch with Ilaben

    I wish that i could have a lunch/dinner with Shree Ilaben Bhutt, the founder of NGO SEWA

  • Sagar - Vidya

    I wish i could meet one day the main cast of the daily soap Sagar & Vidya (Sharad & Divyanka)