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  • A Complete Guide to Shopify - Google Ads Integration

    The most comprehensive guide on Shopify - Google Ads integration - prepared by true experts. Remarketing pixels, conversion tracking, and more.

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  • A Complete Guide to Shopify - Facebook Pixel Integration

    Everything you want to know about Shopify & Facebook Pixel Integration. Setup methods, trips & tricks, Facebook Conversion API, product feed and more.

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  • Shopify Analytics

    A comprehensive and actionable guide on Shopify Analytics, starting from Shopify Native Analytics Dashboard, diving deep into Google Analytics, detecting & resolving data discrepancy problems, and many others.

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  • Understandable Guide to Shopify GDPR [Actionable Checklist]

    Is your Shopify store GDPR-compliant? Don't risk it. Easy-to-follow checklist and detailed guidance on GDPR for Shopify merchants.

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  • Google Tag Manager - Shopify [Complete Guide & Tutorials]

    Learn how you can setup and use GTM on Shopify. Everything about Shopify Google Tag Manager integration: tutorials, apps, knowledge base and more.

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  • Actionable Guide & Best Practices on Shopify — Google Analytics

    The most up-to-date (2022) and comprehensive guide to Shopify & Google Analytics integrations - including GA4 & UA setup methods & advanced settings.

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Howdy, I’m Gloria. I’m a web developer living in United States. I am a fan of shop, data, and technology. I’m also interested in analytics and commerce. I love finding new and innovative ways to improve the shopping experience for everyone. I work hard to develop products that make life easier for shoppers everywhere.
https://facebook.com/analyzifydata 1 January, 1995


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