My Wishlist

  • Studded Leather Fashion Glove

    My lovely wrists and hands will glitter and gleam with these gloves.

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  • AllSaints Savannah Knee High Boot (Women) | Nordstrom size 9

    Witchy, Bitchy Pointed toes to be worshiped and feared.

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  • Zachary - Black | Tall angel boot | Fluevog Shoes Size 9

    These comfortable boots belong on My feet when I'm stomping around a city near you. Lick My boots.

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  • Abstract Candy - Black | Tall swordfish boot | Fluevog Shoes Size 9

    The better to trample you with, My dear.

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  • Set "Noah" Black, Medium

    Cold steel chain adorns this absolutely gorgeous bra and belt. This set of Leather lingerie would make Me shimmer like the Leather Queen I am.

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  • Mr. S Heavy Duty Hood - Triple Straps

    Good pets know that adding this hood to My collection is a must. How thrilling it will be for you to surprise Me with such a formidable hood. How fun it will be for you to wear it in My dungeon.

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  • Mr. S Asylum Hood

    A beautiful hood for inward journeying. So many sensory depravation and overload opportunities with this beauty.

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  • Watersport Strap-On Gag - White

    The perfect gag for enjoying Goddess' golden nectar. Drink in My nourishment and become My personal privy.

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  • Custom Ring Master Boots, Black* Patent Leather

    In Euro size 40, these knee high laceup boots are perfection for My calves and feet. Ultra high heel and exquisite laceup (no zipper, thank goodness). Imagine kneeling as I slowly extend My leg to drag the reflective patent across your outstretched tongue

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  • Celt Knee Shearling Boots

    Beautiful Black in a US 9 Soft, comfortably clouds on which to walk an easier path. The Pacific NorthWest gets frosty cold and you want your Goddess to be warm and happy so She can focus Her attention further on you.

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Charlotte Lashes
1523 132nd St SE, Ste. C #203
Everett, WA 98208

Please let Me know when you send a package, even if it is a surprise. Send email to @KinkyBarbieDom

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