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My name is John Billiou. I am sixty-years old. I specialize in managing regional sales processes. I oversee the development and management of the regional distribution system, as well as finding customers and gathering information on the market. We offer gardening tools, spare parts, and accessories. We can be found at , and know all the conditions.
Chainsaws and every other tool can last for a long time. The life span of any tool is dependent on proper use, timely maintenance, and proper care. If the chainsaw is utilized according to its intended purpose (domestic professional, semi professional, or professional) and you regularly check the condition of the chain, it will last many years. If the components are not selected or prepared incorrectly this will lead just to poor quality cutting of the material, but also the failure of the device in general. This is the reason it is imperative to follow specifications of the manufacturer when choosing the chain you use with your chainsaw.
The pitch is among the most significant characteristics. It is the measurement of length in inches. There are three common pitches: 0.325, 0.375 and 0.404 inches. It is at this point that you make the chainsaw chain you choose. Chainsaws can be designed to cut a specific size cutting assembly. Every kind of chainsaw is made for specific work types. Only tools that are professional can work with different components. The chainsaw's pitch depends on the strength and torque.
The chain pitch also determines how tough the chainsaw is. It's not just efficient but also more easy to control. The pitch of the chain affects the amount of wood it "tears" and, consequently, the dimensions of the cut. It takes more effort to hold the chainsaw with your hands. Therefore, if a chainsaw's design is not correctly matched to the blade, it will fail quickly due to the overload.
As you can observe, the pitch - this is the main aspect, in line with which, and the need to choose the right chain. Moreover, the pitch of the chain must match the pitch of the idler and drive sprockets. It is necessary that both sprockets be replaced as well as the bar to be able to operate. But remember that if you choose a chain to an electric chainsaw that doesn't match its power characteristics, the engine will experience excessive loads, which can lead to its failure.
Also, to extend the longevity of the parts and the tool itself, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer regarding the length of time for continuous operation.
12 March, 1961

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