If you buy any of these items, please come back to this list and click the "Reserve" link to mark which item(s) you purchased. This will help ensure that Juliet does not get duplicate gifts.

*Juliet's Niceties Wishlist*

Thank you for making my day sweetness! I appreciate you <3

Please let me know when you want to send a gift so I can offer my discreet mailing address, and I can look out for it! Email me at Julietsinclair@protonmail.ch or text 828-412-1335.

Bra: 32B Waist: 26" Hips: 33"
Panties: Small thongs, Medium in fullback style
Dress: US 4
Heels: US Size 8 Womens
Shoes: US 8.5; EU 39; UK 6.5

All my links: https://bio.site/Rga2cQ
julietsinclair@protonmail.ch 828-412-1335 20 September, 1989

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