kasese humanist primary school wishlist

  • Text Books

    • Educational,in English. • Children's picture books and board books at the Nursery & elementary school level. Books should suit children as Early as 3 Years to 13 Years of Age in the fields of Mathematics, English, Science, Arts & Crafts, and Social Stud

  • Local Uganda Text Books

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  • Clothes

    New or used in good condition for children in the ages 3 – 13 , The clothings are going to be be distributed to the needy & less previledged pupils at our school,the budgeting is for 30 pupils,Boys & Girls.

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  • School supplies

    We are budgeting for 240+ pupils requiring pens,pencils,crayons,children toys,exercise books,erasers,sharpeners,note pads etc,the company above is based in Uganda and can deliver the items to the school,Fedex or DHL can deliver from abroad to Uganda

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  • Games & Sporting Equipment

    Children toys & games items Sports shoes sizes from 3-8. Balls for the Soccer & our school soccer , net ball team & Basketball team.The prices can be known contacting the shops on the link above

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  • School Band

    items needed include 5 Drums, Key Board, Piano, 4 Trumpets,Band Drums 1 Set.

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  • School Office Requirements

    2 Computer sets , 220-240 Voltage. 1 Laminating machine 1 Binding machine 1Digital Camera 1 Photocopying machine

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  • Laboratory Equipment for the School Library

    The items needed include:Changing sound kit,Magnets and springs kit,Dissolving and changes kit,Light and shadows kit,Seed and Green plants kit,Dissolving and Changes kit,Friction and Force Kit,Teeth and Eating kit,Earth, Sun and Moon Kit etc

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  • Plastic water Tank

    Basic School - 2X5K Rainwater, 10,000L capacity to tap rain water

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  • school bus or van

    A bus coach , Coaster or an Omni bus is needed for the school to assist in moving the children from distant areas,also to be used to arrange study trips to forests,national parks and sites of educational interest.

  • solar panels & solar batteries

    Solar panels are needed to be installed on our school to ensure we cut on the costs of the UMEME Hydro Electricity Power which we now have at the school, Solar will be a substitute and when installed all the classrooms will have a light bulb.

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  • video screen

    desired television screen size is 21 inches, sony,panasonic,LG, sharp, Toshiba that can run on 220-240 voltage

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