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Wood is a universal material. It looks like parsley, which is suitable for all dishes. The wood adapts to numerous contexts, in the fields of construction, architecture, crafts, and design.

In nature, wood is present in many species with different characteristics. It is seen as a material for choices to shape furniture, furniture, tables, and chairs.

As a rule, the production of decoration items is carried out by professionals in the woodworking industry, but with the right tools, and a good dose of patience and precision, you can make some artifacts yourself.

In this article, we give you the information you need to choose the type of wood suitable for your DIY solid wood table. Next, we explain all the basic steps to create our new table with all the necessary functions and set out in the project phase.

For DIY beginners, learning how to make a table out of a tree array is the first small big problem. In fact, it is not a very complicated operation. Who is a beginner who can simply build a simple table with clean lines? But there are many table options that can be implemented that make the DIY company more exciting: sliding, retractable, folding or compact tables.
31 December, 1990

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