My Wishlist

  • Gift cards/ $$$

    Preferably to stores in North Bay. Grocery cards are good too (No frills/ Sobeys)... I like to eat sometimes (all of the time)

  • Record Player

  • sunglasses/accessories

    urban outfitters has the sunglasses I like. (really anything from that store is a good gift; however it is on the more expensive side)

  • Socks

    I seem to have lost mine. Its a common recurrence. I don't often wear socks at home, but when I do they're usually tight fitting ankle socks, fuzzy socks for northern winters, or socks with funny sayings. Hint Hint

  • A good camera/ a polaroid

    I know this one is expensive, but a girl can dream right?

  • Underwear

    A gift card to VS, La senza, pink, etc. would be just fine ;)

  • Candles

    Bath and body works 3 wick. I am open to new scents as long as they are not too flowery. I am a fan of the tropical/ coconut candles, or wintery ones. Flannel is also a good choice.

  • Cute house decor. (ex. pictures, cute pillows, antiques, fuzzy or quilted blankets etc.)

    If someone feels like going above and beyond, I would love a copy of the picture that I took in Nova Scotia blown up and printed (on canvas or framed ). The picture is of an old wooden building by the water- You can ask my mom or Auntie Becky which one <3

  • Clothing

    Size 0 in Jeans (long in length if applicable), Size xs in shirts/sweaters. Jeans (black or blue) high w, cozy sweaters (preferably solid colour, knit, with a turtleneck), a crew neck (mustard yellow/forrest green), nice shirts.

  • Blundstones (dark brown)

    Size 7 1/2