Toy Factory

  • Magic Tree House Books

    Dark Day of the Deep Sea, Monday With the Mad Genius, Dragon of the Red Dawn

  • Horrible Harry

    Horrible Harry and the Holidaze

  • Captain Underpants Book

    THe Attack of the Talking Toilets

  • Junie B. Jones

    One Man Band

  • Football

  • Skateboard

    Tony Hawk

  • Black Lagoon Adventure Series and A to Z Mysteries Series

  • Movies

    Home Alone I, Shrek Holidays and any other

  • Remote Control Helicopter

  • Bakugan

    Starter kit and others

  • EyeClops Night Vision Goggles

  • Games


  • Game Cube Games or a Wii : )

  • Trampoline

  • Kid Tough DVD player

  • light up Batman pj's with a cape. Yes, I am serious

  • Sports Registration

    Rush Soccer, flag football, baseball

  • Webkinz

    any, except girl ones