My Wishlist

  • Knitter's Pride Tunisian Crochet set

    I am loving Tunisian Crochet, and this set is an upgrade to the set I currently have... Plus they are beautiful and colourful! You can never have too many crochet hooks, there's no such thing

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  • Chronic Ink Gift Card

    :-D Help me complete my amazing artwork!

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  • Lint brush or lint roller

    A great stocking stuffer idea!

  • Glasses rags

    Those little squares of (silk?) Fabric that work really well at cleaning glasses.... A great stocking idea!

  • Loose-leaf tea samples

    I have a bunch of loose leaf tea infusers and I rarely get to use them. I would love to find more varieties of tea that I can enjoy. (Herbals, fruity, spiced/chai, black, green, white, rooibos... all good to me!)

  • Coco Chai Rooibos tea from David's Tea

    This is a yummy caffeine free loose-leaf tea that I really enjoy and I have run out of it. I would love some more. It doesn't have to be a can.

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  • Satin sleep bonnet

    I'm trying to take better care of my hair and apparently these help. I'd like to give it a try. I never said I was cool, but I am trying to not go bald.

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  • A desk lamp

    I'd like something with a bit of personality, but that won't break the bank. Something that I can put ontop of the hutch of my desk and illuminate my work

  • Triangular grid paper for planning crochet projects

  • Magnifying mirror with light

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  • Long sleeve tunic tops with pockets

    Preferrably with a high neckline and in a solid colour. Purple, green, turquoise and blue are my favourite colours though black and grey are also good options.. Probably large or extra large... If measurements are needed, Malcolm can get them.

  • Photo Album

    Preferably full of family photos. Photos from 1982-present. (I had a photo album... A few actually and they have all gone mysteriously missing)

  • Beautiful soft (not wool) yarn, or a gift certificate for yarn

  • Novelty Socks

    Preferrably a few pairs that feel the same but look different that I can then mismatch for optimal happiness.

  • Fun and Interesting Board Games

    Some of my favourites that I have played have been Forbidden Island, Castle Panic, Ticket to Ride, Munchkin, Sushi Go, King of Tokyo... Some that I don't like are Risk, Monopoly, Game of Thrones, and I cn't think of any others right now

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  • Hot Topic gift card

    Because there's now a hot topic in Kingston!!

  • Harry Potter

    The complete series on Blu Ray

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  • Date Night movie gift card

  • Cooking Lessons

    Why not learn to cook?