My Wishlist

  • New Weather on Earth Science Kit

    Add a new science unit to our program

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  • 4 brightly colored patio umbrellas (for playground)

    Can be any color (would be really cool to have purple and gold)

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  • Know a good painter? Refurbish/Repaint the school library shelves.

  • $65/ea. NEED 4 Classroom library cubbies

    Buy 1 or more

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  • Make the Kinder room look like a million bucks! We need a new sink and countertop.

    Tax deductible work, get credit for PA VOLUNTEER HOURS!

  • UNDER $100 Toner for 3rd floor classroom printer(s)

    Save kids and teachers time (3rd floor print center) buy 1 or 2!

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  • $150/ea. NEED 3 Modernize our school library w/new Tables (used ones in good shape are perfect)

    The school library needs a few new round tables, new seating and carpet. This space just needs a bit of updating, and it will be beautiful!

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  • $90 Stack-a- Rack Drying Rack for ART (A used one is perfectly fine)

    Support art integration with this drying rack that will travel throughout the school

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  • $150-200 Sponsor nosh for school event. You can make a donation or get a list and shop/bake.

    We typically put out a nice spread for school events. Sponsor a school event for just $200. Your family will be recognized for your contribution!

  • Sponsor carpeting in a classroom!

    $1,000/room or $8,500 for the ENTIRE SCHOOL (tax deductible and covers a year's worth of PA VOLUNTEER HOURS)

  • Sponsor a lighted sign for BHDS on Riverside Dr.

    Contact Mr. Pozzi to find out more!