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The site CCeit News is a news site which is an alternative to conventional media. It is formed by a group of communication professionals who intensely believe in the significance of speech freedom related to any kind of news, such as economics, politics and other areas. This news agency´s goal is to work hard in order to offer its readers a complete alternative viewpoint of the different issues that occur globally.
Today, being correctly informed is extremely vital. In our technological era, we have access to information in an easy and fast way through our smartphones, as we carry them during most of the day. Our problem is not getting enough information. The actual problem is how to learn to differentiate different news in order to understand which is real.
Unfortunately, most conventional media gets a lot of money from advertisers, who sometimes influence them in how they approach the news. Nevertheless, fortunately we readers can access to independent new agencies like CCeit News. In today´s world, it´s enormously important to identify which news are being manipulated.
Knowing this, having the possibility to trust an independent news site such as CCeit is something that we must appreciate. This site is continuously updating its news, and the journalists in charge research deeply and they are highly trustable. Additionally, the site covers a wide range of news topics. Because of this, in one site you can find all the information you need to keep up to date about the most relevant topics you need for a safe life in our technological era.
The site is extremely easy to navigate, as it is well organized. It has many categories, such as news by country (France, Germany, Netherlands, Morocco, USA, etc.), nature, travel, environmental news, cinema, culture, entertainment, famous stars, TV, games, sports, science, health, culinary, economy, lifestyle, home and garden, technology, politics and cars, among others.
To sum up, CCeit News is a trustable site formed by honest journalists, who are independent from external economic interest. Therefore, they are able to inform about whatever topics they want, without fear of free speech.
17 March, 2002

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