Tools to discover

  • MBA

    get a good score in GMAT and get into a good uni

  • Language

    Learn Spanish

  • Adventure sports

    Learn scuba diving and sky dive once

  • Career

    Find a well paying and satisfactory job in a field I like

  • Learn

    Read about something new everyday and increase general knowledge

  • Read

    Read different books and increase vocabulary and speech

  • Fancy Car

    BMW or Audi

  • Organise

    Thoughts/ work/ room/ life?

  • Rubik's cube

    You can do it!

  • Skin

    Go to Doc, Buy body salts and body butter for skin. Maintain feet

  • Dentist

    Dr Nicholas and Asps

  • Blog

    Start anonymus

  • Try daily

    all of it

  • art and history

    get involved

  • vocabulary check

    keep adding words - 5 new daily

  • country research

    capitals climate etc

  • weight

    swim and stomachs

  • wealth

    knowledge, money, attitude, people, love

  • news

    keep up to date general + business

  • make my own website

    something to organise, maybe blog plus emotional tests etc

  • restaurant

    my own

  • musical instrument