My Wishlist

  • Hockey Cards

  • Hockey Abstract Presents - Stat Shot: The Ultimate Guide to Hockey Analytics

    by Rob Vollman

  • Jarmo

    by Adam Spielman

  • The Wake

    by Paul Kingsnorth

  • Lexicon

    by Max Barry

  • Comic Books:

    Some of these are a part of a series, but I haven't started any, so the first issue would be a good place to start!

  • Damage Control

    by Dwayne McDuffie

  • Marvels

    by Kurt Busiek

  • The Secret Service

    (aka Kingsman: The Secret Service) by Mark Millar

  • Irredeemable/Incorruptible

    both by Mark Waid

  • Ultimates

    by Al Ewing

  • Supercrooks

    by Mark Millar

  • Sentry

    by Paul Jenkins

  • Superman: Red Son

    by Mark Millar

  • Mosiac

    by Geoffrey Thorne

  • Just Imagine... Stan Lee's Superman

    by Stan Lee

  • Old Man Logan

    by Mark Millar

  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder

    Judd Winick