My Wishlist

  • Socks!

    Thin socks, warm socks, dressy socks, fun socks. He's wearing approximately a size 8-9 shoe.

  • Preferably Unlicensed

    We tend to veer away from licensed things, ie based off shows/movies. Of course, we'd be appreciative of anything though!

  • Board Games

    He enjoys board and card games, and plays a number that are rated between ages 8+ to 12+

  • Experiences!

    Any sort of outting or experience (skating, swimming, gymnastics, farm, aquarium, indoor playground etc). Something he and I or he and you can do together.

  • Books

    Anything you can read ten times straight and not get sick of is good ;) he's also reading chapter books at about a grade 3 level

  • Puzzles

    50-150 piece jisgaw puzzles

  • Clothes - Size 3/4 and up

    He needs slim pants, preferably with an adjustable or very small waist, typically about a size 4T. Shirts he needs slim with long arms, 3/4T depending on fit and style