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The Knox School of Santa Barbara is a new, independent, non-profit, non-sectarian day school, offering an exemplary program developed specifically for gifted and talented children and serves multi-aged grades from Kindergarten through 8th grade. We will be opening our doors for our inaugural year this September, 2013!

Our mission is to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment where, alongside an engaging and challenging curriculum, the social and emotional needs of gifted and talented students are respected and compassionately supported. 

In fulfillment of its mission, The Knox School of Santa Barbara will provide a rigorous and stimulating academic environment and high caliber curriculum combined with an individualized, ability-based (instead of age-based), project- and inquiry-based approach to learning in order for students to develop critical and creative thinking skills and retain a deep love of learning. The school is committed to developing a professional and supportive faculty sensitive to the instructional and emotional needs of gifted students and who are strongly dedicated to providing the highest quality education. The school is committed to ensuring respectful accommodation and a variety of strategies to meet all learning styles and continuing to develop instructional strategies and academic and affective curriculum based on current research and best practices.

In our commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience for our students, we would like to provide teachers and students with certain materials and technology, which are listed on our wishlist. These gifts make it possible for the School to continue to grow as an institution and to afford its students exceptional academic programs and faculty.

We are confident that as we successfully fulfill our mission, our enrollment will increase. At present, we will be starting the school year with a handful of students, whose combined tuition does not cover the expenses of starting-up or running an independent school. We are grateful for any kind of philanthropic support, from the sponsorship of a student to gifts in kind to outright monetary gifts. Your support, in any form, is greatly appreciated!

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