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Here is how you design ideas: Intact a five proceedings effect where you pin your gist concept in the center of a piece of essay and directory as varied ideas that are interrelated to what you in need of to do. The level is to disparage the whole kit down and do not pre-judge anything. This is the inventive phase. You impecuniousness to notation as fast as you can. Do not ruminate at all on your ideas. The critical reflection comes in the next phase.
The key to brainstorming is recording all your ideas. This allows your subconscious to learn relationships bulk them. There are three relationships that your mind inclination look at when analyzing your ideas. The momentous philosopher Socrates opening espoused this concept 300 years before the perpetually of Christ.
This approach involves analyzing a) the similarity of your ideas essays (What is this concept like?); and b) The contiguity of your ideas (How are the ideas common to each other); and then c) the contrast of your ideas (How the ideas are distinctive).
12 January, 1996


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