General Wishlist

  • Jeans

    Would you believe it, I don't own a single pair of jeans? I'm a 34-36 waist (depending on the season and how sick I've recently been) and a 32-34 length.

  • Long White Socks

    After enough basketball, these have a tendency to thin out and become very holey. Half a dozen pair should do, but then again, they do get lost from time to time...

  • Car Stereo

    Or more specifically, a JVC Arsenal KD-A535. This is the bases model, and they go up from there, but this has a front Aux In and a digital USB port for controlling the iPhone (even the Pandora app!).

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  • Work Gloves

    Like socks, gloves get lost from time to time. I typically do yardwork bare-handed, and occasionally I get blisters, but with a nice set of work gloves, I could rake, pull up weeds, and lift heavy objects without damaging my hands.

  • Razor

    I have this exact razor and have had it for the past two years. Why do I need another one? Because it finally broke, although just the handle (still managing w/it broken, though!). This razor is the only one I trust with a blade so close to my face.

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  • Shower Shaving Mirror

    Nothing makes shaving so easy as when your face is completely immersed in hot steam. Problem is, the mirror that is suctioned to the shower wall gets fogged up. It was great when I first got it, but now it tends to fall off & get steamed.