Christmas Gifts for my kids!!!!

  • Sport Video Games for my 4 Boys

    They love to play the PS3 and need video games (Sports) Don't know the prices but Game Stop is pretty cheap

  • My Daughter would love name brand clothes Size 9 pants, and size M tops

    Any thing will help I am sure she won't mind

  • Bath and Body Sprays/Make-up

    Girly stuff

  • Razor Scooter for my 12yr old boy

    Been asking Santa for a Scooter

  • IPOD4 Touch

    I know they are expenssive used would be fine..One thing my oldest boy is asking for christmas

  • Guitar for my 9yr old boy

    This is at the top of his list for Santa

  • Football/Basket Ball

    Boys love to play out side alot

I am a mother of 5 kids who I love much!!! We live pay check to pay check but, believe God knows what he is doing. My faith and trust is in him. We serve a mighty God and love to bless people with my help when I can. Christmas is real tough this year and can't buys gifts for my kids. I know it is about the birth of Jesus but, I just wish my kids will have something to open this year. I know God will provide.
2 February, 1976

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