The #JustClimb Initiative for Dlala Nje JustClimb

  • ALL DELIVERIES TO: Dlala Nje; Building 1A; Victoria Yards; 14a Viljoen Street; Lorenzville; Johannesburg, 2094; SAM: 0725971416
  • http://www.dlalanje.org


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About The #JustClimb Initiative for Dlala Nje

Connecting passion with purpose is what creates meaning in my life. So, as I continue my bold journey to kiss the summits of the tallest mountains on each continent (4/7 so far), join me in supporting the #JustClimb initiative.

All items on this Wishlist will be going towards Dlala Nje Foundation. The children’s community centre aims to provide a safe learning environment, where kids get to be kids. At Dlala Nje they aim to expose young kids to as many programmes, initiatives and experiences as possible. They want to provide a place where kids are able to figure out their own unique dreams and potential and are inspired to reach out and grab on to it.

As I continue to summit mountains, I hope to motivate our youth to take their own dreams to extraordinary heights and to encourage them to unleash their inner warriors so that they can tackle and summit their own mountains in life.

Dlala Nje
Building 1A
Victoria Yards
14a Viljoen Street
SAM: 0725971416