My Wishlist

  • Badger Shaving Brush

    Cheap ones are fine!

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  • Merkur Double Edge Blades

    Replacement blades for Safety Razor

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  • White Motion Sensor Light Switch

    I'm serious. One that is 'gangable' (can be used in a switchbox built for more than 1 switch). I could make use of a few of these.

  • Circuit Tester

    'Pen' form, preferably.

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  • What Color Is Your Parachute?

    Written by Richard Nelson Bolles -- Audiobook preferred.

  • Born to Buy

    Written by Juliet Schor -- Audiobook preferred.

  • Money Magazine Subscription

  • The Family Handyman Magazine Subscription

    I currently get this, but would certainly appreciate having the subscription extended.

  • Scourge: Hive

    Nintendo DS

  • Sony Rechargeable Batteries

    AA's or AAA's are welcome, though AA's get used more often. (Orange colored Sony batteries will work with my chargers)

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