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My Wishlist

  • [Book(s)] The Expanse Series - (first book is Leviathan Wakes)

    Jess Kirk has offered her Indigo employee discount if you connect with her

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  • Video Games

    i have a couple of games on my Steam Wishlist, may add more at some point (Jordan can help you with this if need be) but nothing in particular

  • a "Share" in a home 3d printer

    printers are still very expensive, but i know im not the only one in the family interested in them [Jordan and David namely]. id be happy for my gift to be a contribution to the purchase of one for the group

  • PS3 fan [or PS3 if you find a deal]

    i have an old first gen fat PS3 with a dead fan - its hard to find the exact fan, but ive seen used/broken PS3s online for $20-40 that dont play discs, or the power unit is busted etc that i could [maybe] salvage a fan from

  • your favorite bottle of scotch (or one youve heard about)