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New image option for your list

Posted October 29, 2023 in Updates

We’re happy to introduce a new feature that lets you fine-tune the way your images appear in your wishlist.

By default, Wishlistr stretches images to fit the entire image container while still maintaining their aspect ratios. This default setting works wonderfully for a wide range of images, especially those that are square or rectangular in shape, with generous amounts of background space surrounding the subject. However, we understand that not all images are created equal, and sometimes, this default setting may result in unwanted cropping for certain types of images.

That’s where the “Do not stretch the image” option comes into play. With this feature, you have the power to ensure that your image will not be cropped, preserving every pixel of your precious photos. Of course, every choice comes with its trade-offs. Enabling this option means that your image won’t completely fill the image container, which might result in varying amounts of empty space around it. Still, for some images this is preferable. So, if you’re having issues with an image being cut off, try checking the ”Do not stretch the image” option” when you add or edit an image.

Your wishlist, your way!