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Tag your wishlist

Posted November 1, 2008 in Updates

Today we’ve rolled out a new feature for your wishlist – tags! Tags are small keywords that you can use to organize your wishlist items and make your list easier for you and your friends and relatives to browse.

You can start using tags right away by activating the feature via the settings on your edit page. If you want to know more about what tags are and how it works, we’ve put together a small little page explaining it all.

We know a lot of you have asked for this functionality for a while so we are thrilled to have it all in place now. Please let us know what you think, and keep sending us your feedback.

Updates on Wishlistr

Posted September 12, 2007 in Updates

As you might have noticed things look a little different here on Wishlistr. We’ve tweaked the design a bit, optimized the code and added a new function that lets you keep track of your friends and their wishlists.

Adding a friend on Wishlistr is easy. Start by locating your friends Wishlistr accounts using our new search function. When you’ve found someone you want to add to your friends list simply visit his or hers profile page and click the link “Add to friends”. Done!

From your new friends page you can then keep track of all your friends, their wishlists and upcoming birthdays.

Go ahead and try it out, and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Oh, and one more thing. We have also added a shiny new wishlist template called “Cake”.

Alternative bookmarklet

Posted February 22, 2007 in Updates

Some of you have requested an alternative version of our bookmarklet that opens up in a pop-up, instead of temporary leaving the current page. Now we’ve created one! If you’d like to use this version of the bookmarklet, just drag the link below to your browsers bookmarksbar/toolbar:

Add to wishlist import added

Posted August 23, 2006 in Updates

We have just made a small update to the site that gives you the ability to add items from your bookmarks to your Wishlistr wishlist. To import items from, just head over to the tools section, click the import link and select as the source for your import. Have fun!

Add your wishlist to your site

Posted August 3, 2006 in Updates

I little later than expected (sorry about that), but we’ve finally managed to put the finishing touches to our latest tool — the linkroll generator. What’s a linkroll you ask? Well, basically a linkroll is a list of links — in this case a list with links to items on your Wishlistr wishlist — that you can display on your website or blog.

The linkroll generator is easy to use. You just decide how many of your wishlist items to display, how to sort them and if the additional info should be shown or not. When you’re done we’ll give you a snippet of JavaScript code, which generates the list. Just add the snippet to your site’s code and you’re good to go. The list will automatically update as soon as you make any changes to your wishlist on Wishlistr.

Head over to the tools section and give it a try!

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